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Speech therapy

Cleft often leads to problems with pronunciation due to the impairment of organs involved in the formation of sounds, particularly the lips, the maxilla and the alveolar process, and the palate. The problems can persist after the deformation is corrected since the cleft patient will have gotten used to using the organs in their impaired state and has to relearn using them after the repair has been performed.

The highly experienced speech therapists of QORITO have been working with cleft patients for many years. They offer speech therapy sessions on a regular basis in the Casa QORITO in Lima (address: Calle Gozzoli Norte 343, San Borja Sur, Lima). The sessions usually last 30-45 minutes.

On missions they also offer individual speech therapy sessions as well as group workshops for patients and family members.

To make an appointment in Lima please contact:

Lic. Margot Luque Tipula  Tel. +51 988 191 510
Lic. Nora Ruiz Valverde.   Tel. +51 994 176 088

For speech therapy on missions please contact Lic. Yeni Sotelo (Tel. +51 999047620) to get information about the next upcoming missions